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Reblogging KasaMomo to feed my soul ; v ;just bECAUSE URGHGLASKDJASDLook at how adorable they are ///////And senpai is being all blushing but he wouldn't have the heart to push her offAnd just ///////////This is so effing cuteI need more KasaMomo in my life ; v ;They will work so well together and no one can fight me ;3;And I have always seen Kasamatsu as at least 70% straightBecause senpai is embarrassed of girls and wwwww That is just so cute //// v ////And Momocchi is persistent so they will work because she is going to initiate stuffWhich Kasamatsu is afraid to doBut will eventually get used to it and just aaAAAHHHI'm gonna melt into a puddle of goo for awhile ; w ;KasaMomoKasamatsu YukioMomoi SatsukiCUTIESThe perfection//melts away

Some quick Kise to show that I am still alive~


Some quick Kise to show that I am still alive~

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Reblogging this Kise to show that I'm still alive too ehem ; v ;I'm still trying to adjust my time at home so forgive me OTLI'll reply to message ASAP when I'm freeBut anyways alskdjalskdjLook at the Kise in this picture though just ^q^Bby looking all handsome and mightyand HIS EFFING LIPS!!His lips look so effing tempting and seductiveI just /////////I really love Kise bby looking like this sshhKise RyoutaArt by OPUNFF
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awuuwuw I love Kise in this outfit a lot ; v ;This looks like something that Aominecchi would wear thoughEspecially that jacketBut hHHHKise in this outfit looks A++Also the necklace *q*And bby shouldn't spread his leg so wide it's illegalBecause Coco's mind is always at the gutter and OTL I'm such a trash ; v ;But he is so effing beautifuland it can't be helped hUFFFKise RyoutaArt by OPSexy bbyUNFF
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^q^Kise in Kaijou's white uniform gives me life hUFFHUFFAlso I know the guys are having individual posebut...Kise's left hand is placed strategically in the picture and umm //v\\I'm glad ehehehehAominecchi is even smirkingjust hHHHHAlso how many times have they put Midorimacchi in that pose OTLMurasakicchi not being himself because he doesn't get his candy during the photoshootThey are all childrenssshhKiseki no SedaiKagami TaigaOfficial ArtThe hand ^q^

Kise Ryouta in Q211

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THIS EFFING BRAT!!!Remember that time when he says Kurokocchi is a bean-sprout though omIGAWDHe was such a lil shit ; v ;It's amazing how much he grows in the series hhHHBby has the best character development ever ; 3 ;I love you Kise bby please don't changeKise RyoutaCUTIEI want to squish his baby face uhgghuI need to go offline again OTL
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OMG Coco!!! Black-haired Ki-chan is so hot in a badass way! Just one look and he'll make everyone melt. I mean if blonde Ki-chan has Aho wrapped around his fingers with his adorable puppy eyes, then Black Ki-chan would make Aho mad with his sexy erotic smug eyes~

awlkdajlkdj I’m sorry for the late reply, I just got back home and need to settle a lot of things huFF buT YEAAAAHH BLACK-HAIRED KI-CHAN!! ^q^

I’m actually thinking of that one AU where Aho and Kise didn’t know each other, but they had a one night stand together and Kise dyed his hair black during that time and when he wakes up, his one night partner already disappears (Not that he sleeps around or anything, it’s just that things happen and someone spiked his drink and he ended up in a bed with that ganguro and yeah Kise is actually pretty much a nice kid). 

alkjsd But fun thing ensues and these two dorks enter a college together! The same college and they end up in the same room and the first time Aho sees Kise he kind of freaks out because it’s /THAT GUY/ and yeah Aho knows that he slept with him but Kise doesn’t. So when Aominecchi realizes that Kise doesn’t recall anything about him, he thinks that it should be fine. 

And yeah.. A couple of months passed and they /get along/ well as roommates, uh not that well if you count all the bullies that Aominecchi does to Kise but they still clicked together. So one day when Aho goes out to buy his stuffs, he suddenly receives a cute message from Kise asking him to buy a certain brand of shampoo, and when Aho goes to search around, it turns out that it’s the kind of shampoo that depends on your hair color, and Aho just picks the one for blond hair because ehem.. he has seen Kise /down there/ and so //v\

So when he gets back and gives that thing to Kise, Kise looks at him with suspicious eyes and Aho was like ‘What?’ and Kise asks him how did he even know that his natural hair colour is blond because he even bother to dye his eyebrows and such so Aominecchi should not know!! Unless…………….

And Aho finally realized what he had just done and was like ‘Fuck’. And laksdjlaksdj things ensue and yeah.. Kise finally knows that Aominecchi was that guy that he slept with that one night and uh I should stop here www //v\

Uh but anyway, one day Aominecchi comes back to his room and Kise finally undye his hair and when Aho sees a freaking blond in his room, he thought that it’s a different room, when really it’s just Kise with his natural blond hair and Aominecchi thinks Kise is.. beautiful //v\

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Anon chanAskAskstHESE EFFING DORKS!!I should reply to more message but I need to do something firstOTLCoco is equally busy when she is at home omgI'll be back uvuAoKiAUs

for Gen (o´ω`o)

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gO AWAYYou're already so hot from the start we don't need you looking like you're going to seduce every men in the world with that black hair of yours hUFFI still love Kise with blond hair the most but HUFFFKise with black hair makes his pretty face and pretty eyes more defined and justHe has erotic face from the start so ^q^The middle one is very ero UNFFAnd that is from that match against Aominecchi ehem //v\\But lKJDALKSD The one with Kise looking fierce and angry is so hhhHHHI just can't with his pretty facestop it youKise RyoutaManga coloringHis eyes are always so seductive gdiUNFF

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hhhHHHHHHHI I/////////////You don't understand how much I love Kise bby being in such a wreck position huFFHUFF//v// He'll probably come without Aominecchi touching his ehem you kow ///////////But alksjdlaskjdTouou!Kise + Aho doing him from behindand just.... Kise leaking without any hand touching him is just ///q////AoKiseAomine DaikiKise RyoutaTouou!KiseNSFWLAKJSLDKJASDUNFFThe perfection

I ended up finishing it…


I ended up finishing it…

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Umm.. What are they doing? 3_3Are they playing horse-riding?Naked horse-riding yeah ^q^And it gets a little intense and too deep ehem////v\\\\ LOOK AT THE HANDs HOLDING THOUGH AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHAoKiseAomine DaikiKise RyoutaNSFWI guessnsfw horse riding wwwUNFFArt by OP
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coco how dyou manage studies and otp feels at the same time

The answer is that.. I don’t OTL You really have to put OTP at a corner of your mind at times when you /really/ need to study ; v ; 

Oh but sometimes I do this little trick that always works, like you set a treat for yourself if you manage to achieve your goal. Something like “Okay Coco you get to read half of this fanfic if you finish half of your homework before midnight.”

And I usually finish all of them because I can’t afford to read JUST HALF fanfic OTL And yeah… It goes along something like that but it really depends on what actually float your boat though ; v ;

But alskjdsd at times I do my work (the ones that involve calculation) while listening to instrumental music. So even when doing homework, my mind keeps thinking of OTP because omigawd all of the feels hitting me right in the face while listening to instrumental music though ; v ; What is my life tbh ;3;

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Anon chanAskAsksI'M SO TIRED CLEANING UP MY ROOM AAAAAAAHHAnd there's still plenty of stuff need to be done before I can go back home too ; v ;My nose is all itchy and runny because I have zero tolerant toward dust //sobs a lot