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EFFING IDIOTS OTP BEING SCOLD BY THEIR SENPAIS //YELLSAND OMIGAWD HAIZAKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISo umm Haizaki's skin is at least the same skin tone as Kagamicchi? uvuAnd omigawd Nijimura pLEASEAND MORIYAMA IS SO EFFING IMPORTANT DON'T TOUCH ME!! ///w///I swear Fujimaki-sensei loves Kise's crying face so much omigawdKiseki no SedaiSeirinYousenShuutokuTououKaijouRakuzanHaizaki ShougoNIjimura ShuuzouTOO MANY PEOPLE THO OMIGAWDKirisaki DaiichiOn a side note... That match finally ENDED ; w ;And I have been staring at the untranslated version of it for a good 10 minutesAnd yeah.. It ended.......I mean the match ends ;;;;;;;;;;;Is the manga going to end soon too? ;~;Please give us at least another year of KuroBasu aAAHHI wanna see all of them in second year ;A;Who is going to be Shuutoku's captain?What is going to happen to Kiyoshi?And despite the ending... Kagamicchi is still not the No.1 player in Japan thoI mean.. He still can't defeat Aominecchi in one-on-one so so soIt shouldn't end here; A ;


two different sousuke comicss

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oHMIGAWDI CAN'T WITH THE FACES!!!SOUSUKE NEEDS TO STOP wwwActually no don't stop akljssdLook at his intimidating face though omigawdRinRin is just so oblivious //w\\SouRinSousuke YamazakiRin MatsuokaHaruka NanaseArt by OPCrack

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alksjdasd OTP clinging to one another is so important ; w ;I would like to believe that at times Aominecchi has his hard moments tooAnd he usually doesn't want to talk about it so Kise will just hug him either from behind or from the frontAnd they'll stay in that position for as long as Aominecchi like //w\\Or until one of them fall asleep ; w ;AoKiseAomine DaikiKise RyoutaPrecious babies

bed hair~(^o^)丿
Akashi is always perfect


bed hair~(^o^)丿

Akashi is always perfect

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laksjdasdKise bby looking as perfect as ever with bed hair ; 3 ;I love bby with fluffy ruffled hair a LOTLook at Aominecchi tho wwwwMidorin looks so proud I'm madAkashi should stop being so perfect omgKAGAMICCHI IS CUTE TOO URGGHBut Kise bby is the cutest ///w\\\Kiseki no SedaiKagami TaigaArt by OPCUTIES
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//whispers yESS ; w ;KiMomo is so effing important mmkay?Look at Kise bby being a perfect gentleman though aaAAHHMomoi SatsukiKise RyoutaKiMomoKinda uvubrotpI bROTP them but I also ship them occasionally if the feels come ;3;
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COCO BBY!!!! First thing first, MUAHHHH~~~ Is it too late for me to send ships for the meme thing?? :D If not, can you do makorin and/or sourin?


I already did the Sourin, so I’m giving Tomo the MakoRin aaAAHH Though to be honest I haven’t venture much into the ship but I’LL JUST DO THE MAKORIN IN COCO’S WAY OK WATCH ME 

Send me a ship for my sexual headcanons.

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oHMIGAWD TOMO BBY THE MAKORIN SPIRIT POSSESSED ME!!whisperinthecrowdraindropinthestormMakoRinAskAsksAskbox thingyHow did this become so long omigawdI had fun doing this though aaAAHHIt probably doesn't make much sense though considering that it's MakoRin done in Coco's way OTL; w ;
Anonymous said:
I'm probably late to the party, but could you do ImaKasa for the sexual headcanons as well? Because you know, there's never enough ImaKasa out there and I know you kind of like that ship. ;)

Ohmigawd this is so effing late I’m so sorry Anon-chan!! ;A; And I actually received 2 requests for ImaKasa so this is also for another Anon-chan ;3;

Send me a ship for my sexual headcanons.

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ImaKasaAnon chanAskAsksI DON'T REALLY KNOW HOW TO SMUT ANYMORE I'M SORRYI have been so stressed over tests and fail to deliever an A+++ smut ;3;//crawls awayI'm really bad at thisAskbox thingy

cosplay by tsukasa

cosplay by tsukasa

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tOUOU!KISE IS SO IMPORANT ////w////Touou!Kise or it's simply Kise bby wearing Aominecchi's jacket aAAAHHEffing cosplayer is so effing beautiful tho!! ;3;The yellow contrast wonderfully with the Touou's jacket I'm so glad //w\\Can I just tagAoKiseehem //w\\Kise RyoutaCosplayaaAAAHHH A+++The gaze is so strong and beautiful ;3;


Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke

Pairing: Aomine Daiki x Kise Ryouta

Artist: そらと


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Ahominecchi's face in the first panel tho wwwbUT REALLY THO I REALLY CAN'T WITH KISE BBY THO //YELLSThis is like the cutest AoKise shopping scene ever ; w ;Which reminds me that they did go to shopping together in the KuroBasu game.. Like just the two of them hHHEven though they're from different schools ; 3 ; I'm so happy for my babies //w\\AoKiseAomine DaikiKise RyoutaCUTIESKise bby is too cute for his own good laksjsdI wanna squish his face a lot //w//
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AOKISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^q^
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I SWEAR THAT PENGUIN-CHAN'S ANSWERS ARE ALL SO FUNNY AND A++ THOI kind of laughed the whole time because they're such a baka couple ;; 3 ;;But the smut is always so good and alskjdlsjd their first time having sex is A++ tho //w\\And Aominecchi using Kise's ass as a nice pillow omigawd pLEASEAoKiseAomine DaikiKise RyoutaPenguin-chan is really funny I can't //w\\